threezero Breaking Bad Saul Goodman 1/6 Scale Figure

Breaking Bad Saul Goodman Sixth Scale Figure

“As to your dead guy, occupational hazard. Drug dealer getting shot? I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say it’s been known to happen.”

Threezero is proud to present the Saul Goodman Sixth Scale Collectible Figure from Breaking Bad!

The Saul Goodman figure stands approximately 12″ (30.5cm) tall, features an authentic likeness to the character portrayed in the critically acclaimed ‘Breaking Bad’ television series drama, and includes a finely tailored suit and some of Saul Goodman’s most essential accessories.

Don’t miss your chance to add Saul to your collection!

The Saul Goodman Sixth Scale Figure features:

  • 12” (30.5cm) tall articulated figure featuring tailored clothing
  • Head sculpt with realistic likeness to the character portrayed in the series
  • Formal suit
  • Formal red shirt
  • Silk tie
  • Gold pin
  • Blue ribbon
  • Pocket square
  • Wingtip shoes
  • One (1) Briefcase (openable)
  • One (1) Gold Watch
  • One (1) Laptop
  • One (1) Newspaper
  • One (1) Money rolls
  • Six (6) interchangeable hands:
    – One (1) pair of relaxed hands
    – One (1) pair of fists
    – One (1) right hand for holding
    – One (1) right pointing hand

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