Sideshow Collectibles Marvel Venom 1/4 Scale Premium Format Statue

“Hi. I’m Eddie Brock. Can Peter come out and play?”


Venom is portrayed here in a super-dynamic Spider-man-esque pose.  His hand barely brushes a concrete outcrop as he flies by, but in that split second his symbiote tendrils bite deep providing him with a solid purchase. Every inch of this alien parasite and his human host has been rendered with our signature “hyper-realistic” approach; from the rich texturing on his skin to his eerie pearlescent eyes, his glistening wet tongue, even the tiny sections of puckered flesh on his hands that stand ready to shoot webbing at any second!

In keeping with the style of our other Spider-Man Premium Format™ pieces our Venom figure features a dramatic “exploding” base which depicts a frozen snapshot in time during an epic battle. Smoke, debris and twisted metal combine with structural classical Roman elements that evoke parts of the New York skyline. Eagle eyed collectors will even notice that the Roman numerals on the base that give a subtle nod to our most die-hard Spidey fans!

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The Sideshow Exclusive version features an alternative “classic Venom” character portrait more akin to his earlier comic book incarnation, with larger eyes, smoother features, smaller more even teeth and a shorter tongue.

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