Kotobukiya Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Death Trooper ARTFX 1/7 Scale Statue


A Kotobukiya Japanese import! Kotobukiya is proud to announce the return to the full size 1/7 scale ARTFX line featuring Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The first of the new-yet-retro characters to get this premiere statue treatment is the dark and mysterious Death Trooper! An elite soldier in the Galactic Empire, the Death Trooper wears a unique and singularly menacing version of the classic Stormtrooper armor with several important differences. In addition to added equipment and ammo the helmet features an elongated faceplate, but of course the most obvious change is instead of the bright white of the standard armor it has a diabolical jet black finish! Serving the Emperor’s Military Intelligence, Death Troopers were tasked with rooting out Rebels and a contingent answered to Director Orson Krennic around the time of the theft of the Death Star plans.

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Ruthless and efficient, the Death Trooper charges forward toward the enemies of the Galactic Empire. Dodging blaster fire as he advances, he leans into his run with one arm thrown out behind him for balance as he holds a weapon in front of him. The Trooper’s black on black armor is intricately detailed with an amazing amount of paneling, the open joints revealing the bodysuit underneath, all of the pouches and ammo containers, and much more. There’s even subtle dirt and wear on the armor, and additional colors pop from the black background with green on the helmet’s chin, gray grenades at the Trooper’s waist, and multiple silver accents. In addition to the rifle he carries in his hand the Death Trooper has a pistol attached to his thigh for added firepower.

The Death Trooper stands just under 9 ½ inches tall (1/7 scale) on his detailed combat terrain display base complete with footprints, water effects, and even a tiny Stormtrooper child’s doll that can alternatively be placed in the Trooper’s hand. Build your Rogue One display or just add to your Star Wars armor collection with this fearsome black-clad trooper!

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