Hollywood Collectibles Group Blade Runner 2049 Tomenosuke PRO Blaster Prop Replica

Hollywood Collectibles is proud to present the 2049 Movie Prop Edition of the Tomenosuke PRO Blaster.

This replica, as with the earlier Tomenosuke PRO Blaster, has been further improved and made more accurate in the following areas:

  • The grip color is correct and the grip frame is perfected
  • The grip end plate is now the correct shape.
  • The receiver shape is improved.
  • The safety area has been made accurate and the gap between the bolt sleeve and receiver has been eliminated.
  • The laser has been moved closer to the receiver.
  • The front trigger blade shape is completely redone.
  • Improved switch cover shape
  • Offered as a fully assembled, finished replica
  • Complete with Dummy bullets

These detailed improvements and the screen accurate Movie Prop finish make this a must have for any collection.

We have secured just 100 pieces of this very sought after replica! Sure to sell out quickly – RESERVE YOURS NOW!

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