Gentle Giant Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Ugnaught Mini Bust 2-Pack


The mining colony of Cloud City hovers upon the planet of Bespin. This tibanna gas mining facility is the home for many, but owes its mechanical efficiency to its Ugnaught workers. These short, humanoid creatures, with pig like features, are well known for their mechanical abilities.

When C-3P0 went missing on Cloud City, it was in the company of Ugnaughts that Chewbacca found the dismembered protocol droid. Luckily for C-3P0, Chewy arrived just in time, as the Ugnaughts were inspecting the golden droid’s parts in order to decide what to scrap, and what to melt down.

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Gentle Giant Ltd. is excited to announce for our Premier Guild members the Ugnaught Mini Bust 2 Pack Mini Bust Set. This incredible mini-bust set depicts two Ugnaught workers inspecting C-3P0’s arm and head for scrap, only moments before the parts are confiscated by the heroic Wookie. Be sure to order this amazing set that does an amazing job at illustrating, yet another, precarious situation that C-3P0 has gotten himself into!

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