Chronicle Collectibles Jurassic Park John Hammond Cane Prop Replica

Visionary, venture capitalist, and philanthropist, John Parker Hammond was the CEO & Founder of InGen (International Genetic Technologies Inc.). His dream of de-extinction became a reality in 1986 with the first successful cloning of a dinosaur— created by extracting its blood from a prehistoric mosquito trapped in fossilized amber. To commemorate this event, John spared no expense and turned that very piece of amber into the top gem of his expertly crafted custom cane complete with an elegant dinosaur bone themed design.

Hammond’s flamboyant nature and billionaire style were legendary and his cane was no exception.

Celebrate the legacy of Jurassic Park by taking home a piece of iconic cinema history with this exclusive limited prop replica run of John Hammond’s cane, cast from an original studio prop.

What’s in the box?
-John Hammond Cane
-Jurassic Park logo plaque with wall mount
-Hardware/mounting kit
-Collectible display box designed by Bob Lindenmayer
-Sparing no expense and feeling like John Hammond when you open the box

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