Chronicle Collectibles Jurassic Park Female T-Rex 1/5 Scale Bust

Chronicle Collectibles is proud to offer for the first time the female T-Rex from Jurassic Park. This large 1:5 bust is 19″ long and the base is roughly 16″ in diameter. This is the perfect companion piece to our 1:5 Lost World Male T-rex.

This is not a modified male bust, this was molded and cast from an original Stan Winston casting provided by Jonathan Chu. Jonathan purchased this original production used bust and he loaned it to Chronicle to mold and restore. The result is this amazing T-Rex female bust.

The T-Rex was painted by Steve Riojas, one of the best dinosaur painters in the industry. We matched the original skin texture as close as possible to the Stan Winston 1-1 animatronic T-Rex.

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Pre-Order opens Friday 24th at 12pm CST.

Pre-Order Price is $650

Regular retail after 30 days is $750

Stan Winston Studio Production Female T-Rex 1:5 Bust
Provided by Jonathan Chu
Painted by Steve Riojas
Base Sculpt by Richard Long
Base Paint by Paul Francis
Restoration by Kristina Francis, Patrick Dowdakin, Paul Francis
Molds by Shay Guinn, Paul Francis
Castings and clean up by Kyle Stockton
Photos by Scott Light
Box by Bob Lindenmayer

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