Chronicle Collectibles Jumanji 1995 Board Game Pieces Statue Set

It’s another game where you win or you die, only this one is intended for children. Oh, Jumanji. An adventure for those who seek to find a way to leave their world behind, we remember you as a fun (and also terrifying) part of our childhoods.

If you can still hear the drums beating, maybe it’s time to add this Jumanji Game Piece Statue Set to your decor. What we love best about this is that if you display them individually around a room, it’ll take your friends a while to figure out what these little statues have in common. Unless, of course, you hand your guests rhyming coasters with their drinks. Then they have no excuses.

Celebrate what the movie meant to you with this gorgeous set of the playing pieces, the Ivory Rhinoceros, Metallic Elephant, Obsidian Crocodile, and Jade Monkey, from Jumanji recreated in polyresin by painstakingly sculpting and the overlaying screencaps at various angles, resculpting and comparing repeatedly until they were screen accurate. Each 3D piece is oversized from its film incarnation and weighs almost a pound. Next, we may have to recreate those mosquitoes. Just remember – don’t start anything you don’t intend to finish.

Product Specifications

  • Jumanji Game Piece Statue Set
  • Officially-licensed Jumanji merchandise from Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • A ThinkGeek / GameStop creation and exclusive
  • Set of 4: Ivory-Colored Rhinoceros, Metallic Elephant, Obsidian-Colored Crocodile, and Jade-Colored Monkey
  • Sizeable – bigger than in the movie
  • Iteratively designed by overlaying screencaps on the sculpts at various angles for accuracy
  • Great for lovers of the original movie 
  • Felt on the bases so they don’t scratch your table
  • Which is good since they’ll be moving on their own if you accidentally start a game
  • Materials: Solid polyresin with felt feet  
  • Imported 
  • Dimensions: 4″ tall x 2-3″ diameter
  • Weight: 13 oz. each

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